Yoga Gemstone Tree of Life Pendant


  • Handmade by Deepali and Apoorva
  • Gemstone Trees
  • Ships Worldwide
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Rose Quartz | Labradorite | Citrine | Green Aventurine | Peridot | Amethyst | Lapis Lazuli | Aquamarine | Garnet |
Tree of Life Wire Wrapped Pendant by Deepali and Apoorva

Frame 5 cm length X 3 cm breath (approx. dimensions).
Every Tree that I make has it’s own identity, the tree that you order will be made with freedom of expression and love .
There are more elements that you can add, just choose from the drop-down.

One of our favorite art pieces is Tree of Life, taking us back to childhood memories, swinging and playing around on the tree. Most common sight was then to have a swing hanging from the big banyan trees in the villages a tribute to good old days.
We also love to include bits of nature that include silhouettes of birds, animals, swings and lots of moons and sometimes Tree houses with the broken ladder. All the things that we enjoyed in nature and things we have done as kids(now too).

These gemstone Tree of Life Pendants are made by Deepali and will be specially made when you order one . The Yogi is Hand-cut and soldered by Apoorva .
Please keep in mind, the colors could vary slightly due to camera, lighting or your monitor. And of course these pictures do not capture the beauty of these earthy trees in real.

Care Instructions : All of our Brass and Copper pieces have oil applied to deter the metal from aging too fast. Do not wash it, just remove the dust and apply a little oil if you stay in a dry climate.

We love customizations and would love to create something special for you, do discuss it with us if you have a weird dream or a design in mind.

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Amethyst, Citrine, Lapis Lazuli, Green Aventurine, Peridot, Labradorite


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