Indian Skull Pendant (Raven Eyes)


  • Handcrafted by Apoorva
  • Made and shipped from India
  • Material : Brass


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Wild Wirecraft

” King he was, before and after ”

Handcrafted by Apoorva using simple hand tools and, hope this pendant grows as a part of your identity.

This etched and hand cut necklace is made with love and is made from pure brass and is one of a kind, made in 2D so that it stays on your neck flat and doesn’t turn and twist.

The metal(front piece) has been oxidized and polished to give it a more antique and magical look.

Durability of material and quality of work make the product suitable for daily use.
Pendant is suspended with a beaded brass chain.

-Can I shower with it?
I advise you not to, even though nothing will happen to it but the finish that I’ve given to it , may leave its essence with time , totally upto you because it’ll be yours forever <3


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