Moon Raven Earrings


  • Made to Order
  • Handmade by Apoorva
  • Ships worldwide from India
  • Material : Brass


If you’ve seen our profile you’d notice that we are avid Bird watchers and we go often to nearby mountains and lakes to spend our free time with birds and trees.

Crows have always fascinated me, even before reading about them, I’ve been clicking and noticing them, whether it was a city crow or a jungle crow, love their personality.

Ravens represent magic, mystery, intelligence, mischievousness and are often portrayed as dark and mystical creatures in folklore.

The design/pics I create is transferred onto a brass plate/sheet and then etched by acid, a technique used since the middle ages, then oxidized for better depth of the pics.
From etching to cleaning to polishing, clicking to shipping, everything is done by me.

Earring’s dimensions are 1.7cm X 2.1 cm comes with a brass kidney hooks.
I try to keep them ready in my physical shop so mostly I have a piece ready for you. If not just give me a few days to make a fresh pair for you.

If you have any request that you’d want to be etched just message me here and I’d be honored to work with you. Love making memorable pieces for people ^.^


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