Asian Elephant Head Pendant


  • Handmade by Apoorva!!
  • Material : Brass
  • Etched and Hand Cut by Apoorva
  • Ships Worldwide from India

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Don’t tell people your dreams …
” Show them ”

A unisex small Elephant Head pendant !!

Handmade by Apoorva!!
Made to Order – This Asian Elephant Pendant will be made only when you place an order and if we have them ready we will ship them right across.

Material : Brass
Dimensions : Approx 2.3 cm X 2.0 cm and comes with a 20 inches long chain !!
I apply a coat of lacquer for extra strength,life and depth after they are etched and hand cut.

***We ship your purchase in a safe cardboard box All items will be very carefully packaged so that your purchase reaches you in perfect condition. ***

NOTE : Since these piece are handmade there may be slight discrepancies in the shape/ size and can not be considered as defects. If you have any questions, comments, concerns please let us know before you purchase so we can make sure your shopping experience is as smooth as can be.

Product Care:
All of our Brass and Copper pieces have oil applied to deter the metal from aging too fast. Store in a dry place wrapped in muslin or soft cotton with moisture trapping agents. Avoid washing directly under water, though wiping with a moist paper towel and air drying before storing is recommended. Always check for any reactions upon wearing jewelry directly on an exposed area. The reactions vary largely from person to person.


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